restorative bodywork for women

Women in their prime can be tethered by stress, and chronic tension that can lead to depression, poor sleep, systemic aches, hormone shifts, loss of strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility. Stress, posture, scars, and restricted movement can make these issues worse. This might leave you unable to enjoy activities you love or just completing daily tasks.

I believe in the mind-body connection and I love bodywork and movement approaches that encourage using the nervous system to create good breathing, feeling happier, clear, and connected, as well as less pain and tension.

  Ladies, let's get your badassery back!


neuromyofascial bodywork

Active-assisted stretching, scar work, neural reset therapy, and fascial release that will improve mobility while reducing aches and pains from daily sitting and standing postures, joint stiffness from peri/menopause, hormone shifts, surgeries, and more.

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move & breathe

In private sessions and/or classes, learn self stretching to stay active and feel good in your skin, movement postures to get strong, improve balance, and reduce back pain; and practice breathing exercises to improve sleep, your pelvic floor and more.

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neurogenic stress relief

A series of specific exercises to gentle induce your built-in tremor mechanism that is designed to reduce mind and body stress, reduce anxiety, and create a profound sense of calm. Perfect for women dealing with stressful jobs, life changes, pre/post surgeries, and more.

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