Health Insurance

Although I'm not a Health Insurance approved provider, it could be very possible for you to use HSA/FSA funds for my services. I am happy to provide an invoice that can go along with a prescription for manual therapy from your physician to help you get reimbursement.



If you are looking to reduce stress, this is a great way to tap into the body’s natural ability to calm the nervous system! These exercises have been very effective with helping women reduce physical pain and tension, as well as reduce daily stresses from work, care-giving, feeling overwhelmed, and/or traumatized from car accidents, grief, job loss, divorce, etc. As a soft tissue specialist, I will have you schedule your first session which is a very enjoyable fully clothed, stretch session. This allows us to connect, I can assess where your body is holding tension, apply gentle manual therapy and movement techniques to get you on your path to feeling better. From there, if you wish to move forward, I will provide you with a link to schedule your TRE session.



New client appointment - 149.00

Follow up appointments - 100.00 Extended follow up 149.00

TRE® sessions - 125.00


There are no classes available at this time

What to expect with your first session

You will complete a secure online health questionaire PRIOR to your session. When you arrive, we will discuss what is currently going on and start with appropriate assessments standing/lying on table. I use a blend of manual therapy and movement methods that I learned (and continue to learn!) and smashed together over the last 20 years as a soft tissue specialist and fitness instructor in my desire to help women with scarring, pain, pelvic issues, stress, and more. You will be on and off the massage table to assess our progress, and we will go over some Home Movements to do between sessions. It’s a good time!



My main focus is for women’s health over 40, and yes, I do happily work with men!