What I enjoy

I love love love helping smart, motivated women who want to reduce stress and pain, feel stronger, more flexible, and experience more overall happiness and clarity. Most of all? Love your body.

My own experience has taught me that the mind-body connection between stress and chronic pain or illness is real. Whether the pain came first, or the stress, and then the physical pain. It's a circle.

When I began investing in my own health, a whole new journey started for me in mind-body vitality. The manual therapy and guided therapeutic movement tools that I learned that keep me feeling energetic, mobile, pain-free, and calm are what I get to share today to help others with physical and mental stress. 

While I thankfully stopped taking myself so seriously years ago, I mean business when it comes to helping others feel good in their bodies and discover SELF-care that is restorative -inside and out. Life is short, and it's meant to be enjoyed.

New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics

Columbus State Community College & Ohio State University

Level 3 Medical Fascial Stretch Specialist® - Stretch to Win Institute®

scar tissue release training with Marjorie Brook

scar tissue release therapy with Allastair McLoughlin

fascial release - Anatomy Trains®

PUSH Therapy® certified practitioner

TRE® certified practitioner

Neural Reset Therapy® practitioner

ACE® certified fitness instructor

Foundation Training® certified instructor

Lifestretch certified instructor

The Breathing Class - currently in training

Jenny Burrell Women’s Health Education - ongoing


Laugh as much as you can and invest in yourself.