Melissa’s therapeutic techniques have significantly reduced my patient’s pain levels and increased their mobility and range of motion.
— Julie Muche, MD

When I started TRE with Melissa, I had no idea what to expect. My hope was to relieve old trauma and tension from a car accident. What I got was so much more. Despite being in the same high stress job, I’m much less reactive and stressed, its easier to let things roll off my back. My family, friends, and co-workers have commented on the ‘new me’, still amazed that people and situations don’t push my buttons like they used to. I’m off high blood pressure medication and it’s much easier to follow a health diet because I don’t seek out all the comfort foods to help me deal with stressors throughout my day. TRE is now a part of my health and exercise routine and I feel great! Thank you Melissa


“Melissa you are the best!! I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. I’m still pain free and was able to do great diving in Mexico!”

— K. Thomas, MS, PA-C

I had pain on the left side of my neck from osteoarthritis after breaking it at 19 years old. It was so persistent, and when one of my patients told me about you, I came right away - you helped me in 3 visits!
— Nancy North, DC
Stretch therapy with Melissa is better than physical therapy. I’ve had problems with my hips and they are responding better than with any other therapy.
— C. Metz
Melissa is a gifted massage therapist, perfectly personable and professional
— L. Pimenthal
I first met Melissa when I was in massage school. She is a patient and gifted teacher, along with a great sense of humor, which I needed at times. I began seeing her for chronic tension in my shoulders, neck, back and hips. After our first session, I felt 100% better. I’ve had many different types of bodywork, and she has made such a difference in my life by helping me retrain and strengthen my body.
— K. Cantieri, LMT
After having chronic leg pain for several years and getting no help from my physician or my physical therapist, I was able to get relief with Melissa’s sessions. My leg pain is gone, and she gave me tools to keep pain at bay. I highly recommend her.
— S. Undieme
I thought you did magic on my shoulders! The pain I had for years from multiple separations was nearly gone after my first visit and nearly gone now. I can workout again without fear of my shoulders hurting during and after.
— S. Evans
Dear Melissa, coming to you for my Costochondritis pain was the best thing I ever did! When times got rough, your humor took over - thank you! You’re professional expertise helped me through a great deal of pain. The treatments helped me heal on levels I never expected.
— L. Orlando
35 years ago, a childhood accident temporarily paralyzed me for several weeks. I was left with constant neck pain. Years of epidural injections kept me going. I was referred to Melissa by my doctor - after the first visit, I slept better than I had in decades with no pain meds. I can’t believe I walked around for so long in so much pain. Thank you!! You turned my life around.
— T. Williams
I first learned about Melissa Kruse from a friend, who happens to be a person who is skeptical of most things. He had tried her therapy and was very complimentary. With an endorsement such as this from a person such as this, I I thought it would be worth an attempt to see if it would have a positive effect on my osteoarthritis pain. In short, I has been a very therapeutic pain management tool that has reduced my chronic pain dramatically and has made my life much more enjoyable. I have referred several family members to Melissa, who all report the same positive results. I would highly recommend this practitioner to anyone who suffers from chronic pain and discomfort.
— G. Walters
After suffering a rib injury that sent my back into spasms, I could not lay flat or move onto my back easily. With a couple sessions with Melissa, I was able to comfortably lay flat on my back and have better nights rest. Her work is also helping my posture and I have told several colleagues about her work.
— J. Ross, LMT